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Thrivology is a positive psychology consultancy with a passion and goal to assist individuals; workplaces and schools to be at their best; to thrive; flourish and succeed! This is achieved through the integration and application of positive psychology, or the science of optimum functioning, with the more traditional approaches of psychology. 

At Thrivology, you can access individual services for counselling; treatment or therapy, for a wide range of presenting issues. Evidence-based coaching is also available for both individuals, and/or groups, for personal or professional development.

Thrivology also provides consultation to schools wishing to embed a positive education culture to support positive school environments; support academic performance and assist in the wellbeing of both staff and students.  

Thrivology works with organisations; offering programs and interventions to assist in workplace culture; employee engagement and employee wellbeing; ultimately assisting in improved productivity and outcomes.

Thrive: to prosper; be successful; to grow and develop vigorously; to flourish

'Ology: branch of knowledge

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